Can't Seem to Recover the CAPS LOCK Function of the Caps Lock Key

iMac. OSX Ventura. I took some--apparently--bad advice from ScreenCasts Online and used my caps lock as a modifier key for a few macros. I have now changed my mind because I miss the caps lock function. So I reassigned all of those macros to different triggers, but I cannot seem to recover the caps lock function. I have done system>Keyboard>Modifier Keys etc., reset to factory settings. No joy. The key on the keyboard still works, which I checked by creating a new test macro using it as a modifier. But I can't get it to actually lock caps any more.

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How does this pertain to Keyboard Maestro?

If you converted the Caps-Lock key to a meta-key then most likely you used BetterTouchTool or some other utility that is still installed.


In macOS you can configure the Caps Lock key in the Keyboard settings (oddly in Ventura, the Modifier settings are hidden under the Keyboard Shortcuts button, which is really weird).

But you can only configure it to be a single modifier.

So if your Caps Lock key is configured to be a Hyper Key (ie, all the modifiers, Command,Control,Option,Shift), then you have used some other software like BetterTouchTool or Karabiner to make that change, and you need to unmake the change in that software.


I set this up a long time ago. Forgot I'd used Karabiner.

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Thanks. The culprit was Karabiner. I'd forgotten I'd used it.

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