Can't Set Safari Title to System Clipboard

I'm using Safari v 15.4 and Monterrey.

Setting a variable to %SafariTitle% doesn't work. Setting the same variable to %SafariURL% does work.

Setting the %SafariTitle% to a variable used to work but doesn't now.

Any suggestions?



You can use "Execute Javascript in Front Browser" action and set it to Safari to return current title.

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This is my macro, I use it every day.

Thank you.

My macro is similar. In Google Chrome, it copies the page title and url preceded by the tab character to the system clipboard. In Safari v 15.4, it only copies the url preceded by a tab character. It doesn't copy the page title.

I also tried an exact copy of your macro and it didn't work in Safari v 15.4, either.

I'm wondering if there's something about Safari v 15.4 because my macro used to work in Safari and Chrome.

Thanks for sharing your macro.

Saluda, NC

My %FrontBrowserTitle% came back empty at first as well, but I also got an error message saying that JavaScript from Apple Events needs to be allowed in Safari.

After I did that, it worked.

You got that set?


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