Can't Upload Macros to the Forum

Recently, I've been unable to upload macros to the forum. I click on the Upload button, choose the .kmmacros file I want to upload, and get an error message that says "Sorry, but the file you provided is empty."

The file is definitely not empty. The Finder says it's about 4k, and ls -l says it's 3392 bytes.

As far as I can tell, I'm doing things the same way I used to. Is there some setting I should change? By the way, I'm having no trouble uploading images.

Perhaps in order to narrow down the cause (or to find a workaround) maybe you should try uploading the macro differently, by clicking on File / Share / Keyboard Maestro Forum in the KM Editor app.

You can also try dragging the file from Finder into the edit pane while editing your post. That’s how I normally do it!

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That may well work, but it looks like it's more for posting new topics than answering questions.

Boom! Still think it's weird that the button doesn't work, but at least I have a solution. Thanks!

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