Can't use the string "cd" in any field

I was going nuts trying to figure out why all my actions in this one macro were blue-striping when I finally narrowed it down: I can't use the string "cd" (no quotes). Uppercase, lowercase, variables, scripts, doesn't matter—KM blue-lines as soon as I type the "d".

This is a problem because the file path I'm using has "cd" in it multiple places. :confused:

I would at least love to know why this is happening. Thanks for reading!

Do you have "cd" set as a text shortcut in the Text tab of the Keyboard pane in System Preferences?

The blue stripes indicate a search match. Do you perhaps have “cd” in the search field in the top right of the editor window?

:crazy_face: How very very embarrassing. Thank you, and thank you for excellent software!