Capitalise selected text?

Hi there, first post:)

Loving KM, and using it in combination with Metagrid to control my Digital Audio Workstation.

Is there a way to trigger a command that capitalises/uppercases selected text?

There is a function in the right click system menu in transformations, but I don't know how to trigger that from KM?


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Hi @joris_de_man and welcome to this Forum.

Yes, you can do this by Copying the text to the Clipboard, using an Action to Filter the Clipboard and Pasting the text. Here is a Macro I set up for myself to change the case of highlighted text:



The actual Macro might not exactly fit your needs but would be easy to adapt once you get how it works.

To use my Macro, you would first highlight some text, trigger the Macro (I have this as ⌃⌥⌘C but you can change the trigger to whatever you want) and then choose which format you want the text changed to. Note that Macros you download from the Forum usually come into Keyboard Maestro in a disabled state.

The last Action in my Macro resets the System Clipboard to what it was before running the Macro. As the Macro makes use of the System Clipboard as a temporary means of changing the Selected Text I'd rather not lose whatever I had copied to the clipboard before running the Macro.

Also... when two results are the same you won't be shown two duplicates in the Dropdown List. So, you won't necessarily always have four choices to choose from. (That is just a feature of Keyboard Maestro Dropdown Lists - they remove duplicates.)

01)Change Case.kmmacros (4.8 KB)

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