Capture All Rapid Double Keypresses

My laptop's keyboard is aging and is starting to emit double keypresses for some keys when I hit them once. Is there a way for KM to capture all double keystrokes typed faster than some short interval and emit just one? If you actually wanted two, you would just type them a bit slower.

The best I can imagine so far is to make something like the below separately for every problematic key.

Perhapss there's a macOS solution to the problem. (See? <<<)

probably Unshaky helps.

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For Mac users:

Update: I am aware of the problem and recall with newer Mac keyboards, but this is a work laptop that I'll have for just a few more months, so I want a short-term fix.

The suggestion below to change a system setting did not work for me. I'll try the compressed air cleaning, but it's probably the recall issue, so a KM solution would help me out for the next few months!

Unsshaky seems to work, thanks!

...see what happened there? hmm. At least I can change the delay settings for troublesome keys and feel like I have some control over the situation.

If necessary try the "aggressive mode".

Yes, that should be the default –– capturing multiple repeats instead of just 1. Thanks!

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