Capture Groups and picking out currency values

Hello everyone,

I have wrestled with my understanding of regex and the documentation for two days now. I've got really far in my task here but I am stumped. I want to extract all the currenty amounts for anything that happens to land in my clipboard.

I am using a ForEach and variable search and capture groups. I see the right value being added in the 1 capture group etc but for some reason I can't seem to capture all currencies even though I copy them all and I thought I had a correct loop going.

Can someone lead me to the last few details I am missing in my understanding?

Thank you kindly,


OK I think I got it with my limited but growing understanding. Any tips on following this is appreciated. But thanks!

I found someone else who was trying to do a similar thing. You may want to consider his solution.

Thanks! I ended up figuring out the regex pretty quickly. Peter lead me to the multi line regex match idea and... then I got onto regex capture groups. Figured out how to add to a variable and finally I tackled being able to set the clipboard and have a pause in there for a second or so and compare the new clipboard to the variable and then make sure I don't have an endless loop and wasting unnecessary electricity. I'm in love. KB <3