Capture window name?

Hello, which action is used to capture the front window name ?
Thank you

It is a token.
While in the editor and ready to insert the code, either into a variable or a text window etc etc.
Hold command, control and click the letter T - the following will appear.
Type in wind to see the available window options.

then you can end up with this in your macro

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Thanks very much Troy

Sorry, I can't find the search box with the + sign which seem very convenient

all I see is insert token β†’ variable β†’ long drop down list

thanks very much



oh, ok-
be in the editor, within a macro, ready to 'insert' the code.
ie. be inside a 'set variable' action, within the macro editor.
then control/command/t will bring up the 'search' box that will allow you to search tokens by name.
Is that clear? probably as mud.... I'm not a good explainer .....

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Yes, it’s βŒƒβŒ˜T while your cursor is in a field that accepts tokens.



thank you Tom

your explanation is perfectly clear. thank you very much

@troy @Tom

Hello, I am writing a macro in the context of data entry.
window appears with fields to complete β†’ user completes fields β†’ presses OK button (press button action) β†’ pause of very variable duration which forces me to use long pause action (5 sec) β†’ next data entry window with identical name β†’ action (click) puts cursor in first field. β†’ user completes next form
I am looking for a way to substitute a pause until action to replace the long 5 sec pause. The actual pause is variable and lasts 0.2 to 5 sec.
I wanted to use pause until window name changes, but the window name is the same for each data entry.
Is there any variable which would allow me to pause until next blank data entry form appears ?
If you don't understand the question, it is my fault.
thank you in advance for your time and thoughts

I want to help too. I need to ask you: are you talking about data entry into a KM action such as "Prompt for User Input" or are you talking about some other application? From the sound of the rest of your message, it sounds like you are talking about another application. But you never mentioned what the application is. The solution probably depends on that, but you haven't provided that information.

I'm also a bit puzzled by how you expect KM to know that the data entry for one record is finished. It has to actually see something on the screen, or use a clock, or a keyboard, or sound to know when an action is completed. But you haven't indicated how a human or how KM would know when the data entry is finished.

So now this topic has completely changed from a window name to a different subject. Perhaps one of the site admins can move this new conversation to a different thread.

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@Sleepy @Tom @troy

thank you Sleepy for your comments

as recommended by Sleepy, I will move my question to a new conversation.

To answer sleepy:

  • it is in another application
  • once data entry is finished in one window, I press the enter button and another window appears with empty fields
  • the window name is the same.

There is probably no answer to my question. I thought that each window would have some kind of UUID which is probably wrong. Using @troy 's suggestion I captured the window name which is the same.

I think there is an answer, but I'll look for your new thread.

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Here it is. Thank you.