Case on text substitution


I have several text replacements set up. Lately, the text replacement is changing case midway through the replacement. An example is a substitution where the replacement text is an email address. Here's the code:


The text is coming out as delivery@VIAProductIONS>COM

This didn't happen the first couple of weeks after creating the text substitution macro. And no, I'm not hitting the shift key or have the caps lock key set.

Any suggestions as to the cause?


I sincerely doubt this has anything to do with KM. More likely, the app you are typing the text into is changing it, and/or you have some substitutions/text corrections setup in the Mac System Preferences > Keyboard pane.


Do you have a macro to do upper case triggered by "uct" by any chance?


No macros for other substitutions like that. All the substitutions I have set up in KM are surrounded by "==" because that's something I'm not likely to type by mistake, like this one == dlv ==, but without the spaces.


I'll look into the Keyboard Sys Pref, but I doubt that it's something I changed in the last couple of weeks. This is my work Mac Book that it's happening on, and I'm using Apple Remote Desktop to type into web pages on a machine connected to the company's server filling in text fields on web pages. Most of those settings don't change from day to day. Not ignoring it, but it worked one day, didn't the next.


It may be an issue with ARD and how it processes the simulated events. Remote Desktops do quite low level things and are not generally all that well behaved.

Alternatively, it may be a conflict with something else on your Mac that is messing with events.