Catalina Fn Keystroke Issues

Hey guyz,

So I recently moved over to my new Mac Pro 2019 and it has Catalina, and for some reason this particular macro (and its counterpart for F11) don't work. It's extremely simple, and I just dont understand why it isnt working on Catalina.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hey @DrSabs, I have the 2016 macbook pro with touchbar, maybe you're coming from something that didn't have a touchbar before? If you are using a external keyboard, you can activate the option use F1, F2, ... as standard keys. If you want to use your touchbar has the Fonction keys you either have to use the Fn key to get the F12, or you have to change the prefs for the touchbar to display fonction keys by default and not be contextual. I think the easiest would be to just add Fn key to your macro and it should work.

I am using the Mac Pro with an external keyboard connected via USB. All the other Fn keys work properly except for Fn10-12 (specifically within the context of the macros). The key commands themselves work, its just the hot key I am trying to replace them with isnt working, and I just have the muscle memory of not using Command with Fn10-12

I'm sorry @DrSabs, I miss read your initial message and read Macbook Pro, not Mac pro. Fn10-12 do stuff with mission control, I've change those so I can't say what the defaults are suppose to do, but I know F11 is Show desktop? If you want F11 to do something else, I think you would have to remove it from your mission control prefs so it can trigger your macro instead of show desktop. My guess is that the system takes precedence over your macro.