Catch-All USB Device Trigger

StreamDeck enusiasts, assemble!

Is it possible to have a single trigger that fires when ANY key on the StreamDeck is pressed? The specific key pressed would be retrievable as a string (e.g. "R4C7") in %TriggerValue%?

The only way I know to handle key presses is with individual macros for every single key (as below).

Thank you, Kindly.

I don't have a StreamDeck. But why not just create 15 triggers (if you have the 15 key StreamDeck) where each trigger puts the name of the key into a variable (since you can't set tokens yourself), and then triggers a generic macro to meet your needs? Would this not meet your requirements?

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Hi Sleepy, thank you, that's interesting - yes, I ended up writing an action to do most of this project, and it worked well.

The thingy here is that this part is separate…and it's six 32-button StreamDecks. :slight_smile: