Center palettes relative to screen?

Hi all

i change screens multiple times a day (Between laptop display, office display, home display all at different resolutions). The issue is that the position of the pallets are not constant and thus it makes it hard to remember where they are and quick glance at them...
for window postions there are ways of configuring this based on relative screen position, ie

is there anyway to do the same for pallets? That is when i configure it centred it will always center taking into account the screen size?



This is how I do it:

  • Move Mouse at (0,0) from the center of the front window.
  • Place palette under mouse.

Thx @carycrusiau!

so you do it in a 2 step macro? That is you launch a macro that launches a pallet macro? do you mind pasting an example?





thx @carycrusiau

while this seem to work (although cumbersome the having tens of pallets) i noticed this wont work for conflict palettes right?

anyone know of a way to center the conflict pallets relative to the window you are on?



Hi @zeltak,

Indeed, this does not work with the conflict palettes.

Take a look here:

This plugin adds an action that allows you to position any palette (including conflict palettes) wherever you want.