Center Text In Composite Onto Image

Hi there,

Is it possible to center the text in the Composite Onto Image action? The text seems to be aligned to the left and I did not find how to change that.


I’m not familiar with that KM action.

I don’t know your reason why you would like to center the text. But let me tell you, from a typographic point of view, there is virtually no case where you’d like to center-align your text (as opposed to left aligned).

Center-aligned text usually only happens…

  • with texts set by 10-year-old first-time-Word users
  • in child’s poems
  • to some extend in other poems

I’m giving you this advice boldly as someone who works in the typesetting/editorial domain for 19 yers now. Feel free to ignore it :wink:

Tom, I don't doubt your expertise and experience as a typesetter/editor, but aren't signs a case where almost always the text is centered? Look at these examples:

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Labals are a completely different kind of thing, of course.

Haven’t considerd this, my fault. Thanks for the hint, Michael.


Just realizing now that the Composite Onto Image action is probably always related to labels. (As said, I didn’t know that action.) So, I guess, my reply is indeed not applicable to the OP’s issue. (But it may still serve as a hint for most general-purpose typesetting cases :wink: )

I'm not a typographer but I'm a professional multimedia designer for 23 years now. And I just need to center text on a bunch of images. Simple as that :wink: I could use Photoshop or any other graphic design software but I prefer to integrate the process in Keyboard Maestro. To save time and money :wink:

Composite the text at the desired horizontal position, in the entire width of the image ( 0 ➤ IMAGE(Width) ) and then use the Edit ➤ Format ➤ Text menu to center the text.


Thank you Peter! This is exactly what I was looking for…

Sorry again. I related “Center text” to “center-align text” (i.e. lines of the text are centeraligned to themselves), and due to an allergy to center-aligned text, in combination with my usual Friday-evening Cocain overload, I posted that stupid reply (without even having a look at the action in question).


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Hey @Tom, no problem!