Centre Window at Top, But Offset

I want to centre a window at almost the top edge of my main screen, but offset down by 53 pixels. I don't wish to change the size of the window.

I find it easy to centre & offset the window at the top with the Move and Resize action . . . but only if I want to specify the size. I also find it easy to centre a window at the top with the Center at action, but when I try to offset it the same way as I wold with the Move and Resize action, I can't get the offset to work as expected. So for example with Move and Resize, I might go:


And that works as desired. But to just centre at the top and leave the size alone, I try to Center at like so:


And that just doesn't offset. What should I do to achieve this?

Hi @Somfy and welcome to the Forum!

I tried answering this by trial and error and got confused myself!

So, I've edited my original answer with a link to a post @peternlewis which I think answers your question better than I could!

Here is the post:

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And now that @peternlewis has done all the work... here is a Macro that does specifically what you said you wanted:

Hope this help! (I learnt something too from this exercise.)

EXAMPLE Centre a Window at Top but Offset.kmmacros (26.4 KB)


Super helpful! Thanks so much Zabobon.