Change date from clipboard to a new format

Hey all
I looked up some previous topics but most only covered from 2016 and i was hoping my now a more elegant solution would be available.

I basically get a date from a website that looks like this:
Jul-24-2022 11:43:05 AM

I then need to paste this into excel
Up until this point its pretty easy however excel cant recognize this as a date that works with vlookup no matter what i do, and it needs to change to the following 24-Jul-2022 11:43:05 AM

is there a simple way to to just swap those few digits around from clipboard??


Yes - use a Search and Replace action.

The search pattern should be: (...)-(..)(.*)
The replace pattern should be: $2-$1$3

You'll have be sure all your dates are two digit number, ie "03" and not "3" for the 3rd of the month.

You should be able to cover both cases with (...)-(\d+)(.*)

Or, for fans of arrays, copy from website then %SystemClipboard[2]-%-%SystemClipboard[1]-%-%SystemClipboard[3]-% as in: