Change Filename Using a Wildcard


I have files being downloaded with different file names. There is only one file in the folder at any time.

The file names are like:


Where 443541 is a random number.

I'd like to change this to:


Hey @NorthernProject,

Here's a typical method for working with strings:

Change File Name Using a Regular Expression v1.00.kmmacros (6.9 KB)
Keyboard Maestro Export

There's your basic functionality.

Now – how do you propose to use it?

  • Do you want this macro to run on demand?
  • Do you want it to run automatically?

Please be more specific about your entire process.


I like it to run automatically. When the macro runs it looks in a directory with one file and chances that filename.

Okay, you need to look at:

Those should give you all the tools needed to complete your task.

Holler if you get hung up on something.

Thank you for you guidance @ccstone.

That took me to this solution:

Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 00.29.39

Best regards

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Some of that may be for troubleshooting as you wrote the macro, but:

  • You don't need to open the Finder selection to rename the files
  • If you are selecting multiple files your macro will break because you are appending to LocalFileList -- the "Move" action won't receive a correct file path, even if you move it inside the "For Each", and trying to name all the selected files 123.pdf will cause problems
  • If you are just renaming a file but leaving it in the same place, you don't need the file path in the "to" field of the action -- just use the new name
  • Using a "static" name like "123.pdf" could cause problems unless you always, always, move any previously renamed files before running the macro again

All you actually need to "rename a single selected file to 123.pdf without moving it" is:
Rename Selected File.kmmacros (1.2 KB)

But do have a think about what you'd eventually like to do. For example, you could "watch" your Downloads folder and any time a file whose name matched a pattern arrived you could automatically rename it -- no intervention from you. But that does mean you need a naming scheme that offers unique names (or both renames and moves the file) to prevent conflicts.