Change focus to window?

I would like “Change focus to window named” (and possibly also “change focus to window N”) added to the Manipulate a Window action. I know how to do it in AppleScript, but it would be more elegant if handled by KM. Also, there is a lot of weirdness around window indices that can catch the unwary – and sometimes the wary – by surprise. AppleScript example for those wondering:

tell application "TextEdit" to set the index of the first window whose name is "Read Me.rtf" to 1

Hey Mitchell,

Keyboard Maestro version 7.x would be pretty sorry indeed if it couldn't do that...

Look at the Manipulate a Window action and be sure not to ignore the pop-up menus.


Duh. Thanks.

I often have the problem that Manipulate a Window is so rich that I don’t realize that it can do something I’m looking to do.