Change Image's Hue & Saturation on Named Clipboard


I have a named clipboard called “Image Clipboard” and I'm wondering if there is any way to change the hue and/or saturation of the image stored on that clipboard?

I need to have the hue and/or saturation changed by a random number between, say, 1 and 10%.

Can anyone think of a way to achieve this?


Napkin v0.9k Text, Drawing & Photo Macro has a lot of image filters built into it with slider control as well. It doesn't work with images on the clipboard but the code would be the same.

What a remarkable piece of work. Impressive.

My coding skill is next to nil though so I wouldn't even know where to begin adapting the javascript it uses to make it happen automatically in an action I could drag and drop into a macro.

And it doesn't help that the code has been minified either, I realize. But the documentation lists some sources you might find adaptable.

Thank you, I will check the sources in the documentation.

My idea in mind is that it would be wonderful to have a macro that lets you input beforehand as a number or a variable how much you want the image saved on a named clipboard and passing through it to be altered in its saturation, hue and contrast.

Sort of like an input / output macro to input an image on a named clipboard and output it the way you want it to look automatically.

The native Image Events on Applescript are great for padding, resizing, etc. But way of saturation, hue, and contrast it seems lacking.

Any idea how big of a task making a macro like this would be or the skill level required? Quite curious.

I don't have clear idea of what you want so I can't say how big a task it is. But this sort of thing tends to be a rabbit hole with rounds and rounds of revision as one thing leads to another.

You have two issues. The interface (why the Clipboard and how would you indicate how you want to modify the data on it) is one. And the other is the code itself (CSS filters enough or do you need JavaScript RGB manipulation or something in the middle with ImageMagick).

Napkin's provides three filters for hue shifts, each of which uses a slider, for example. But it's working with data from a file not the clipboard. And it saves data to a file.

But a simple implementation of hue rotation might just require selecting a file in the Finder, running the hue macro that opens the file and displays it in a Custom HTML form using a CSS filter ( With a Save button to write it back out.

And you could build on that to expand the form with Hue and Saturation options in a popup menu.