Change keyboard layout

I used to have a macro that changed the keyboard mapping from US to another mapping (Greek or US Extended). The command was a hotkey combo; it simulated command-space. But this is no longer working at all.

Can anyone get this to work on their Macs?

(I use this in conjunction with another macro that produces a font change; together they got me where I wanted.)

Thanks very much.

I saw this thread:

But I don't know that is necessary for me. And I don't understand how the script is working.

Hey @jipnet,

Look here:

System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Input Source

The keyboard shortcut is probably turned off – OR – you have a conflicting keyboard shortcut somewhere.

Also – you're aware of the Set Keyboard Layout action – yes?




Yes, thanks. Keyboard shortcut is on; not sure there's a conflict but will continue to check.

This solution doesn't seem to do the trick in Word 2016 / Mac. (Keyboards don't rotate; as if Word ignores the command). Works fine in Mail app.

Intelligence strikes again. I forgot to redirect the macros to the new word app, which is why they failed! Thanks for the help. You reminded me to check every aspect of the macro.

Running into the same problem all of a sudden. This is the macro I am using:

It should make Word switch to New Athena Unicode font (by control-A) and causes the system to rotate keyboards to the Greek Keyboard.

But I get only errors:

If I do these actions manually, they work.

Is there anything wrong with this setup?

(I am running the same kind of macro to return to Times New Roman, and it is just fine. Something about the greekeys keyboard is causing the error.

Many thanks.

Hey @jipnet,

Make certain sure the macro is actually firing in Word.

Try changing the hotkey to something neutral like F1.


Thanks much. I got it to work by rearranging the steps in the macro and then rearranging them back again. I have no idea what happened, but it is now behaving. (Other hotkeys were not making any difference.)

All's well that ends...

PS: Since this is THE reason I bought the app (a repetitive maneuver I use all the time going from English to Greek and back) I am glad this solved itself.