Change language withKM; avoid Sys Prefs (foreign language, input source)

If you change languages, here is a macro to make that more powerful than the standard System Preferences (Sys Prefs).

Using the shortcut in Sys Prefs is tempting because it is simple:
Apple Menu > System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts


But that is limited to only one action -- just changes the keyboard language -- with no options for any leverage.

With a KM macro, you can add other actions to be done at the same time.

  • Change language, change type font, change font size -- just one trigger.

  • Launch an application and change keyboard language as soon as the application opens.

  • Change language and immediately show keyboard viewer -- one trigger.

  • Change language and remove keyboard viewer at the same time (eg. for your primary language).

Here is the macro.
(Thanks to @ComplexPoint on this forum who provided the essential script.)

The macro is as simple as I can make it.
There are plenty of ways to get fancy, such as the examples above, or switching among more than two languages, but this is a foundation.

I welcome comment and critique, especially ideas how to make it simpler.

Language toggle.kmmacros (15.2 KB)