Change Mouse Behavior for Specific Scenario

I want SHIFT+Mouse Left Click to instead become ALT+Mouse Left Click, only for a particular scenario, meaning this is not a permanent change across all apps. This is just for Logic and only on a particular case inside Logic.

When I add this:


It doesn't change it. Is there a way to achieve it?

Changing keyboard and mouse behaviors is very tricky – especially if you're not running at the level of a driver.

It's frustrating I know.


I use steermouse

Unfortunately SteerMouse doesn't work with the Magic Mouse, which is what I use...

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What is it you're trying to do in Logic? There might be another way.

It's the step sequencer. When you have it set to STEPS and you click a step while holding SHIFT, it adds a step.
When you have it set to Velocity, Rate, etc, when you click a step while holding SHIFT, it just selects that step, which is what I want it to do for all options, including STEPS.

When you do the same thing while holding ALT instead:
When set to steps it selects the step without adding a step
When set to the other options, it resets the value of the step.

So I pretty much want to have the same keyboard key to trigger the same behavior when clicking a step. In this case, whether it's set to STEP or any other option, clicking a step while holding SHIFT would just select the step.

Hmm... I don't think you're going to get very far with that, but I'd love to be wrong.

I don't really use the step sequencer, so help me understand: why would you want to select a step rather than perform an action on it?

If you have a step with lots of variation (velocity, gate, repeat, etc), you may want to copy and paste it to a different step.


Why not just right-click when you want to copy? That works for all modes.