Change Mouse Position To Cursor Location

Hello, Fun Seekers…

I’ve had good success with the “Mouse Positioning Macro Group.” (Thank you for that.)

Specifically, I…

  • “Set Variable ‘Mouse Position’ To Calculation”
  • Reposition the mouse and do stuff.*
  • “Use Variable ‘Mouse Position’ to Set the Mouse Location”
    Voila! The mouse is back where I started.

*Oops. When I “do stuff,” I’ve moved the cursor one row from the mouse’s memorized location.

How do smart people tell the mouse to use the cursor’s (correct) location?


Hey Ted,

You can’t track the cursor location.



I’m also learning that nobody else can track the cursor location, either!

Thanks, Chris.

Did Apple make changes that make tracking the cursor location possible in 2020?

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Not that I'm aware of. I doubt this will ever happen.