Change Profile Picture Failed


Hello Admins(Peter),

I just changed my Profile Picture several times, I even tried Gravatar, but after empty the browser cache and refresh page, my Profile Picture become to this grey egg.

Is there some issue occurs to my account or just a bug of underlying code?


Did you sign in to Gravatar in order to authorize use of its avatar?
If all else fails you can try the "Custom" option, which should allow you to upload your avatar.

If that fails, post your avatar in a reply, and we'll update it for you.


Beats me. If you send me the image you want, I will try adjusting it and see if that works.

You can email it to, mention your username is OscarGong



Hi, this is the picture I want to use:

@peternlewis tried to help me set the picture before, but it seems like doesnt make any effect.


Picture uploaded as your avatar, but please note:

  1. It warned that it might take some time for it to appear due to Browser caching.
  2. Your image was very large and had to be greatly reduced. What you see as an avatar will not have any of the detail in your image.
  3. The system cropped your image to make it square.


Looks like there is/was a Discourse forum issue with profile pictures. They appear to have resolved it at, but I don't know if we still have the issue here.



I even tried use a 50px *50px picture, still not effect. :persevere:



Yes, looks like some sort of bug, I din't entirely understand their explanation. Hopefully it will be resolved in a future update to the forum and then you can set it. I can't see any workaround currently for setting it. And I don't run the bleeding edge version of the forum, so it may be a while until the fix percolates to this forum. Sorry.


Excited for KM forum updated to new version so we finally will get night mode too. :confetti_ball:


@OscarGong try updating your profile picture now, the latest minor update should work.


@peternlewis Thank you, it did work!