Change Prompt Button Order by Dragging

When editing a "Prompt for User Input" action I'd like to be able to drag "Button" rows up or down the list. Right now re-ordering existing buttons is a little tedious, requiring cutting and pasting in several steps. The ability to target the relative location of new button rows would also be a great addition, as it is never my intention to add it at the bottom of the list.


I've been wanting it for a long time.

Not sure if it is easy for @peternlewis to implement this feature.

In the meantime, see if this works for you:

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I agree also, and I'm surprised Peter hasn't implemented it yet, although considering the number of items he has on his "to do" list, maybe I shouldn't be surprised.

Until then, what @martin recommended (which I wrote) is a good workaround, even if it seems a little daunting. Just select the action, then run the "JSON" version of the macro. You can move the buttons easily, then paste it back in and delete the old action. I use it all the time for this.

Let me know if you have questions.

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Clearly this is not easy, or Peter would have implemented it by now – as it's a no-brainer type feature.

Nevertheless – I'm on the bus...



None of that UI style (which is used all over Keyboard Maestro) allow reordering. In some of the cases, they are sets so the order does not matter, but in other cases it does.

Its not clear what the UI for reordering them would look like or how I would do it, and it would mean some sort of extra affordance that would have to be available in a lot of places which makes for a lot of complexity to solve this problem.

In other words, Noted, but don't hold your breath.


Thanks @peternlewis. It is just a "wish" not a necessity.

As for "reordering UI look", I've grown accustom to Google Maps "drag-n-drop" UI for reordering destinations.

I could write something to allow us to do the reordering. A macro and a Custom HTML Prompt, for example.

The problem is that once the you finish selecting the correct order, I can't update or replace the existing action. The only real option I have is to allow the user to paste the newly reordered action back into the editor, but that won't replace the existing action, so you'd have to do that yourself.

But it would still be useful. I'll see if I can find the time, or someone else can jump on this if they want to try to do it. Just let me know so we don't duplicate the effort.

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That sounds a great idea. If I'm understanding correctly, the process could look like this:

  1. Add an option to the "Prompt for User Input" right click context menu, say "reorder list", upon click
  2. bring up a pop up HTML prompt like window and let users reorder, hit confirm
  3. paste the reordered action back to the macro and delete the original action.

This might be easier to implement.

@DanThomas, if you can write solve the 2nd part, we might be able to integrate it into a macro. Something like this:

  1. select the "Prompt for User Input" action, execute the macro
  2. Check if it there is only one action and it is a "Promp for User Input". If yes,
  3. bring up the HTML prompt window for users to reorder, then confirm
  4. paste the action to the macro,
  5. Arrow navigate to the previous (i.e., the original) action (assuming the reordered action is inserted after the original one)
  6. Delete the original action.
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Yes, that's probably the way to do it. We'll see if I have time to write it.

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