Change Selected Events in Apple Calendar to Another Calendar

The closest thread I could find to this question was Jim's Add an Event to Apple Calendar Macro: - #44 by Jim

Does anyone know of a way to have all the selected calendar events be changed to another calendar in the side bar with a macro rather than dragging and dropping. That doesn't always work when holding down shift and I have to do this a lot for many events and this would speed up the processes since I could tab through events and add them to the right calendar.

Maybe Outlook or something else is needed to do this quickly.

There's no "selected events" to work with in Calendar, nor is there a "Move to..." in the menu bar -- the closest you can get is to right-click an event (or one of a selection of events) and choose a calendar there. By which time it seems as easy to continue clicking as it is to fire off a macro. But you can move multiple events at once, so if you can search then shift-select...

"New" Outlook is a bit better as it does have a "Move" menu item, but that uses a "Choose folder" dialog that's tricky to interact with.

"Legacy" Outlook might be AppleScriptable, but it could be tricky -- the move myEvent to calendar otherCalendar form that worked in Outlook 2016 doesn't (in a quick test) work in "Legacy".

Hopefully someone will step up with better news...

Thank you very much for the information. I was kind of thinking of the options to pop up the inspector and tab over to the correct calendar by going to the top calendar and then going down from there.

I have been able to at least find a built in option with BusyCal to copy to other calendars. I am now working on move to other calendars. The shift selecting seems much more solid in BusyCal. I haven't used this app in about 15 years. It looks like it has improved quite a bit.

Fingers crossed I can find a solution, thanks for the help and feedback.