Check current mouse position, allowing for an interrupt?

I’m using a macro that moves the mouse around quite a bit and sometimes the “move mouse” does not register. When this happens, it causes my work to not advance in an incorrect order and can really screw things up.

I’m trying to find a way for KBM to check the current mouse position, that way i can interrupt the macro if it’s not where it should be.

For reference, I have KBM move the mouse over a small window in order to click it > then input text > then hit enter. If the mouse hasn’t moved, it instead hits enter on my safari page and confirms my work before I’ve checked it.

I searched the forums but couldn’t find an answer. thanks!

Have you tried the CurrentMouse token?

But that is dealing with the symptom. What do you mean exactly by "sometimes the “move mouse” does not register."? What KM Action are you using? I've never seem mouse actions fail, except for when an image can't be found. Then you can test for the Action failing.

simply put, sometimes the “move and click at x / y” will not move the mouse. the rest of the macro will continue. i’ve found this will happen on multiple different computers.

i’ll give the CurrentMouse Token a try, thanks!

I would double-check the "x,y" to ensure proper values, and be sure that the "restore mouse location" in the Gear Options is not checked: