Check for Found Image at Intervals?

Is it possible to check for a found image at intervals of a few seconds rather than pause until the image is found? If a process takes a while to display the required image, system usage can go pretty crazy and I'm wondering if sporadic image checks might be a bit gentler on the ol' CPU.

Example: I have a macro that drags whichever file is under the mouse pointer to Wetransfer in the menubar, then waits for the transfer to complete. When it does, the Wetransfer icon becomes solid and the application can be quit. Sometimes a tranfer can take upwards of a minute and pausing until the icon is available doesn't seem like the best way to do things. There may well be a better way to detect that the transfer is complete, but regardless, it'd be handy to know if this is possible for future uses. Cheers!

Why not something like this:



Brilliant. Thanks! :slight_smile:

You are most welcome. I'm happy I could help. There are lots of techniques in KM that take time to develop on one's own.

One way that I like to learn is just to read other people's macros. I often say to myself, "Wow, I didn't know that option/method/tool even existed." So I recommend that you just go open some random macros on this website and read them for fun and for learning. You don't even have to understand them to learn things from them.

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I feel like they should use KM as part of an IQ test. It's like lots of little logic puzzles. You wouldn't know it from my basic question, but I've built quite a lot of macros, some of them I'd say are fairly complex, but I still get caught out regularly with very basic things. It's almost become a hobby lately, as I get a lot of satisfaction from setting up an automation I haven't seen elsewhere. That's the lockdown for ya!