Check IF Dropbox is Running

When I have an IF THEN action to check if Dropbox is running, even when I quit Dropbox by going to the menu bar and choosing "Quit", I can see that the Activity Monitor still shows other processes still running, making KM think Dropbox (the app itself) is still running.

Is there a way to just check if the app is running, regardless of the other processes related to it?

Using Hazel and KM, I'm creating a workflow where whenever I add/delete new files from the Dropbox folder, if Dropbox is not running, I will see a notification to remind me to start it. I don't want Dropbox to always be ON.

Can you post your macro? Because this action:

image as expected for me.

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Me too – on macOS 10.14.6 using Keyboard Maestro 10.2.

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The issue doesn't seem to be the macro itself, but more the fact that Activity Monitor keeps some stuff running related to Dropbox and it seems that those processes send KM a signal that Dropbox is still running


Some Finder Extension processes will remain running, but they aren't enough to make KM think Dropbox is running -- the macro behaves as expected under macOS 10.13, 10.14, 10.15, and Ventura. Up to date Dropbox client in all cases.

So it looks like it's something peculiar to your setup. I'd start by uninstalling/re-installing the Dropbox client and see if that sorts it.

==Please post an actual, testable macro.==

What you're saying does not jibe with other people's reality as has been stated, so we have to rule out the impossible to look for the improbable – and that means we need to be able to test your macro and see if there are any hidden bits that might be causing the issue at hand.

The Activity monitor does not itself keep anything running whatsoever – it is simply an app-level tool that monitors what is running on a macOS system using a convenient UI.

The only Dropbox related things running on my system when DB itself is not running are its Finder Extensions, and Keyboard Maestro does not mistake those for app itself.

The proof of the pudding...

Note that I goofed in the middle and relaunched Dropbox – so I used that to demonstrate what files are open when the app is and is not running.

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