Check if the Mouse Is on Top of a Certain Image and if So, Keep Running the Macro

I have an app and at the bottom there's this:

Sometimes I want to be able to just Option+Click one of the blue M icons and it will click all of them, unmuting each track, instead of me going one by one. So:

1 - The trigger for this macro to run would be Option+Left Click. Is this possible? If not, I will be ok with using a shortcut, maybe Option+M, but having the Option+Click would be perfect.

2 - If number 1 is possible with the mouse, can KM check if the mouse position is on top of one of the M buttons? I would probably use a Found Image, but then how would I make KM check if the mouse is inside that image borders, so to speak?

3 - I guess after the macro is triggered, I would use some kind of loop to keep clicking the available images, left to right, until there's none and then it would leave the loop and stop the macro, right?

Which app is it?

You can capture the click as a USB Device Key trigger.

Assuming the buttons are always in the same position relative to a front window corner, you can use the current mouse position as a condition.

If the mouse is within the predetermined bounds (i.e. over the first button), and the Option key is down, then your further click actions will run; if not, nothing will happen.

Of course this means the macro will trigger on every mouse click, so if it was me, I'd dedicate a hotkey to clicking all the buttons instead.

Can the unmuting be done exclusively using the keyboard?

Loopcloud. I already sent them this suggestion, hopefully they will add it in the future. Pretty much similar to how you can press Option and click the Solo button in Logic to Solo just that track and "un-Solo" the other ones, but in this case it would just unMute all.

Yeah, I just assigned a shortcut and that's it. It would be too much complexity for something this simple.

If you are asking if there are shortcuts to mute tracks, then no. Only clicking the M icons

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