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Can anyone guide me on how to set a checkbox to a variable so that if one of the checkboxs is ticked it will show in a mail message? So for example if the user ticks England then England will be shown in the email but not Sweden? I have tried numerous different ways and searched around but with no luck?

Tickbox.kmmacros (3.1 KB)

Here's one way to do it. Maybe not optimized, but it seems to work.

Tickbox modified.kmmacros (4.4 KB)

It builds a new variable based on the tick box answers, so you don't get a blank line if England is selected but Sweden is not. Edit: I also changed the variables to local variables, so they go away after the macro is run. You can change them back to globals if that's what you need.


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Thank you so much, this works great. Is there anyway of keeping the countries on the same line so instead of this:


Is it possible to display like this: England Sweden

There is: In the action that assigns "Sweden" to the local_theCountries variable, there's a line break at the end of the variable. Replace that with a space. If you add more countries, every country except the last would have that same format, i.e. "Some Country ".


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Thank you so much. It works perfectly now :grinning:

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