Choose a topic from a submenu of an application

Hi, KM pros!

I would like to choose the "Display Colors" submenu from "MakeMusic Finale"'s preferences menu.

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 09.54.00

I know how to call the preferences menu, but how can I activate the "Display Colors" submenu (and then toggle the 2 checkboxes shown in the screenshot)?

Thank you!

Since I don't have the Finale app I can't inspect or test.
But maybe the script in the Finale Forum will help you:
AppleScripting Finale

Thanks for your reply! I'd rather not use AppleScript...

I found a solution that first moves the preferences window to 0,0 and then performs a mouse click at 30,180.

Now I only need to (de)activate the checkboxes... searching...

Why? It is far more reliable than clicking by position and found images.

Well, not necessarily. When moving the window to top/left, it is easy to then use absolute positioning for the mouse. Works fine for what I need. (But, as I already said: I simply do not like AppleScript.)

Thanks for your support, though! I learned how to integrate scripts.

You don't really need to actually MOVE the window.
The Move or Click Mouse action allows you to enter coordinates RELATIVE to another object, liket he corner of a window.

Even so, many apps resize and/or move elements in a window as you resize the window anld/or change the position with updates.

IAC, I'm glad you've found a solution that works for you.