Choosing which Window to Activate

I have a Macro which activates Devonthink3.

If that app is already open in two different windows on two different monitors, how can I select which monitor/window to open with the Macro?

You can use the KM Manipulate a Window action identifying the target window by its Title.

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I suppose I can do that in DT3 by if the desired window is known to be working on a specific database - as the title changes depending on what database or document is viewed at the moment.

You can also select the window by index. Here are your choices from the above link to KM Wiki:

2. Window Choices

  • the front window.
  • the window with title.
  • windows with title containing.
  • windows with title matching regular expression.
  • the window with window index (Z-order, negative windows order from the back (eg -1 is last window)).

I will look at that - the one I want is always the first one opened so that should work. Thank you.