Chrome Copy Text Web Pages Login Problems, Would Like Help From the Admins


Ive had problems logging in from my iPad.
I use 1password, and have no problems logging in with the credentials on Kacos and Windows. For some reason my user name (which is cappy2112) isnt recognized. I can only log in by resetting my password.
When i try to use my email address to log in, the same thing happens.

I dont know what is going on. I only have 1 databse for 1password, and the credentials to log in work on two other OS’s.


I really have no idea why it would have a problem. I would try resetting your password to something with just letters and numbers and see if that help.

Otherwise, try creating an account on, and see if it behaves as you expect. Hopefully it will fail in the same way and then you can get help form the discourse folks as I don't really know what to suggest.


Hey Tony,

I routinely log-in to the Keyboard Maestro forum on my iPad, and 1Password doesn’t give me any static.

I just tested with my 12" iPad Pro with the latest iOS, and all was copacetic.

Do you have any iOS content blockers installed?



If I do, I don’t remember.
I’m usually able to login to other sites though.