Chrome Copy Text Web Pages

How copy text in web pages to KM variable?

Thank you

Hey @kamilek,

It’s hard to say without being able to test.

Can you post the actual URL of the page in question?


If that is the only place on the web page that “data-price” appears, then you can use the Get a URL action to get the page, and then use the Search using Regular Expression action to get the data from the result.


Hey @kamilek,

Okay, that helps.

Try this.


Get Price from Allegro Item Page in Safari.kmmacros (5.7 KB)

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Thanks a lot :grinning:

What if I only want the price to be in the clipboard?

Hey Sam,

I'd need to see an example page containing the data you want to scrape.

@kamilek's example no longer works; they've changed the code to obfuscated it.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for your help! Please see the image for the page containing. I would like to copy the following data to the clipboard but only the data below.

  • Rayon Spandex Round Neck Floral Chic Long Dress

  • $15.75

  • DC3516 Knit Sleeveless Maxi Floral Dress

Below is the html code for the above.

  • h2 class="vd_item_name jsItemName">Rayon Spandex Round Neck Floral Chic Long Dress</h2

  • span class="unitPrice">$15.75</span

  • h2 class="vd_name vd_name_small jsProductName">DC3516 Knit Sleeveless Maxi Floral Dress</h2

What's if the class is pre (pre class)?