Chrome macros suddenly not working

About a week ago, all my Chrome related macros stopped working.

The macros are still getting triggered. But they're just running without doing anything.

It seems like this might have been related to a Chrome update, but I'm not totally sure. (I'm currently on "Version 123.0.6312.59 Official Build arm64.")

Is this a known issue?

EDIT: I should note that this might be specific to macros with found image actions.

The found image process is, of course sensitive to pixel colour variations,
and I wonder whether the New in Chrome 123 :: light-dark() function is affecting the interpretation of CSS color values ?

( if the elements which you are targeting are on web pages, it could be a good time to migrate from found images to XPath or QuerySelector expressions, which will tend to be a bit more robust, and as it happens, faster too )

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