Chrome URL as Macro Trigger

Is it possible to trigger a macro based on a Chrome web address (URL)?

The Front Window Title does not change while switching from one webpage to another on the website so I can not test on that.


Here's one approach to get you started.

Trigger on Chrome URL.kmmacros (43.7 KB)


Thanks for your reply, I've see this sample before. The problem is that in my case the focussed window title doen not change.

Sorry, I hadn't had my coffee.

Hmm... Tricky. The only thing I can think of is running a macro every few seconds to check the URL and perform actions if it finds a match. You would put this macro in a group set to available only in Chrome, and only in windows whose title contain something common to the pages you're dealing with. It would be triggered whenever Chrome activates. Not ideal, and I personally wouldn't use this method but it's all I can think of right now.

Can you tell me what the website in question is?

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Thanks but not to route I like to go. I can not disclose the site as it's not available for public.

I have a system where a new URL is periodically written to a file that has an HTML redirect. I can then click a bookmark and open that file from my browser-at which point the redirect sends the browser to the appropriate page.

I'm not sure how this answers my questions.


Keyboard Maestro has no such trigger.

@noisneil's answer in post #4 is the only way, and as he says it's less than ideal.