%ChromeURL% not working



I have many macros that use the %ChromeURL% token. The token is working on my Macbook, but not on my iMac. I’m running the same version of Chrome on both machines. The Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility settings are the same on both machines. I have restarted the iMac and restarted Chrome but KM still won’t interact with Chrome.

Any ideas?



[take 2]

The Chrome (and Safari) actions work by making AppleScript requests.

Chrome’s auto-update mechanism seems to frequently break the AppleScript connections.

Restarting Google Chrome, Keyboard Maestro Engine, or restarting your Mac will usually resolve the broken connection.


It took a few days and a few reboots, but my macro is working again
I guess this is resolved.


This appears broken again as after a fresh boot I get:

2019-05-15 09:05:54 Set Variable to Google Chrome Field failed to get value of field %ChromeURL% In macro “Mark m43/nkc read and close” (while executing Set Variable “LocalURL” to Google Chrome Field “%ChromeURL%”).

However this AppleScript works fine:

tell application "Google Chrome"
set yuk to the URL of the active tab of window 1
end tell

Any way the built in mech can be made more reliable?


I'm not sure that is the same thing as %ChromeURL% failing to return a value.
What does your actual KM Action look like that fails?

It should look like this:


Oops... my bad.