Clean/delete the "next/previously edited macro" list

At the top bar of the editor there are 2 arrows (right and left).
I use the keyboard shortcut “Cmd+Option+right/left arrow” to toggle between the macros.
I’d like to clean the list and leave/upload only a number of selected macros that I’m currently working on/editing, instead of needing to scroll/toggle through the whole list.
Searching for the solution I found Dan Thomas’ macro “Toggle between macros”, but I think you can use it only with 2 macros and it’s based on AppleScript, which I don’t know and wouldn’t know how to change it according to my needs.
Thanks for any help.

If you just want to toggle between two macros you are editing, click the Clock icon next to the arrows.

Hi Peter. Thanks for your reply.
I prefer shortcuts so, when I want to toggle between 2 macros I use the Cmd+ Option+ right/left arrow.
The problem is when I’m editing more than 2 macros. If I keep using the above shortcut it starts “running” up/down the list.
I am looking for a way to erase the history, then start editing the macros I want (x=more than 2) and only those x macros will be in the list/history when I toggle between them.
I hope very much this time I made myself clear. (Apologize, because of my limit with the language, sometimes I need to go a longer way to explain what I want and even then, I don’t succeed to make it clear.) :slight_smile:
Thanks again.

There is no way to do any of that.

You can click and hold on the Clock menu to see the recently edited macros.

You can toggle between the two with Command-Option-E, View ➤ Select Macro ➤ Last Edited

And you can step through the history of edited macros using the keys you already know, but you can’t cycle through three macros, at least not directly. You could presumably make a macro that cycled through three specific macros.