Clear safari history for last hour

Hi, I'm trying to make a macro to delete the last hour of Safari's history.
I can manage everything except selecting the dropdown box with "The Last Hour" option.
Is there a shortcut key to bring up the dropdown list? I could then just start typing "The " which selects the right option and "Return" to choose it.
For some reason, even when I just use Record, the macro fails at selecting the dropdown box.
Any help would be appreciated.

When you open the History… prompt, do you see the dropdown option highlighted, like this?

If yes, you can use the Spacebar to show the available options and then use the up/down arrows to choose which option that you want.

Make sure that you have this setting enabled:

If you do not see that highlight, it's likely that you do not have the system setting for "Keyboard Navigation" enabled. Fortunately that is an easy fix.


The naming is somewhat different in Catalina:

…compared to earlier versions of macOS:

Mojave and earlier

But the principle is the same.


Brilliant! Thank you so much that sorted it.
I really appreciate your help.

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You're welcome.

I have no idea why that setting is not on by default. Seems like a feature more people would use if it was.

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Exactly! I can't see why having it turned off is a default.
Thanks again, you rock!

To anyone else who may be reading this; here's a screenshot of my final solution.
I hope it helps someone.
Thanks to tjluoma.