Click a Safari Link (text)

This macro was working before. Craig's List must have changed the code. I could use some help figuring out what I need to put in the macro now so I can automatically click the "renew" link." Thanks.

Here's my macro:

Control click on the <input field desired (highlighted in blue in your image) and select Copy XPath.

Then paste the resulting XPath into the Submit Safari Form action.

No luck. I’m trying to click the next “renew” field.

Help if you can please.

Adjust the Execute JavaScript action action to display the results in a window so you can see what error you are getting.

You will need to give more details of what is and isn't working and exactly what you have tried.

Without the URL to access it is very hard to help you to control a web page.

I got it working! The "display the results in a window" showed nothing, and I think you understand that I could not send the page link since you would need my log in info to see the page. Here's what I did: Pasting the resulting XPath into the Submit Safari Form action worked one time, so I figured there was some indicator in the XPath code that defined which of the numerous "renews" the code was addressing. I inspected the code for the different "renew" code and saw which number was changing in the code. Just by luck I changed the numeral to * and it works!

The XPath code looked like this:
and the first [2] was the changing numeral.

I changed it to:
And making that wild * worked.

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