Click a Specific Link?


When the names of a few links on a webpage are all the same, how can I make KM click a specific one among them?

Here [link] is a sample text of the webpage gotten by a Javascript designed by ccstone.

You can see many Details on the page which are all links. But what I want to click is the one right under Reviewable jobs only. But how?

Thanks a lot

You will have to find some way of identifying the specific link. Perhaps by using JavaScript, or perhaps by using XPATH.

Can anyone give me a hint for finding the way I do it with JavaScript or anything? I have no idea where and what to look for.

Unfortunately, it is potentially different for every page.

Keyboard Maestro handles simple, well behaved HTML with the Click Link action, but web pages with JavaScript can be arbitrarily complicated and each one is different.

You might be able to find the proper element using one of these getElement functions:
JavaScript: Get Elements by ID, Tag, Name, Class, CSS Selector