Click and drag while holding/toggling hotkey?

Due to dexterity issues, I use a combination of Dragon Dictate and KM for various mouse clicks. As the topic title suggests, is it possible to click and hold while moving my mouse (a.k.a. dragging) using a hot key? Since I recently upgraded to 6.4.7 I’ve been messing around with the drag sub-command, but with no luck. I was thinking of writing a macro (or two) that uses one function key to click and hold, and another one to release at the desired location. Have any of you figured out how to do this? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

There is no way to press and hold any key or button in Keyboard Maestro currently.

The only option is the Mouse Drag action.

You can adjust the delay before dragging and before releasing using the DragDelayTime preference.

defaults write com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine DragDelayTime -float 0.5

The Keyboard Maestro Engine must be restarted for the change to be applied.

That may or may not help, but its the only option available.