Click at Center of Found Image - Strange Behavior

I'm experiencing some strange behavior when testing the "Click at Found Image" action. Whenever I test the action with the "Go" button in the KeyboardMaestro window, the action correctly identifies the best match and moves the cursor to the target perfectly. However, when I press "run" to run the entire macro at the top of the screen, or try triggering the macro in any other way, I receive an error message "Move or Click mouse no unique image found... macro cancelled". I'm having trouble reconciling these behaviors--any ideas? Happy to provide additional information, if helpful.

Are KM and KM Engine enabled in Mac System Preferences?

Thanks for your reply. I'm assuming you mean in the Accessibility section of the Security & Privacy Pref Pane. If so, yes, both KM and KM Engine are enabled and both appear to have active processes running when I open Activity Monitor.

Hey @jlf,

Don't do that.

The image is in the editor.

Hide the editor window, and use a hotkey trigger to test the macro.


I have been collapsing the action when I press "run" so that the image in the editor is not present on the screen. Is that still inadvisable? I get the same behavior when I trigger the macro via a keyboard trigger or script or any other way, not just by pressing "run".

That does sound like strange behaviour. Could you try simplifying the macro down to the image detection, and adding in some 'display text' actions? Is it possible something on the screen is changing between testing with the editor open and when you trigger it? The 'display' checkbox can be handy for that sometimes, and perhaps reducing the accuracy slider to trouble shoot. If stripping the macro back to basics doesn't work, perhaps you could share some of the macro and image. It may be something small like if you are bringing a window to the front, it may execute the 'find image' action so quickly that the image isn't at the front yet. You could try unchecking the 'Failure aborts macro' in the cog icon at the top right of the action.

Good luck!

Smart man! Thank you so much for the help--inserting a few brief (0.2 second) "pause" actions did the trick.


Glad to hear it. I'd guess that inserting a brief pause action fixes 75% of KB's strange behaviours! :grinning:

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