[Click at found image] coordinates did not return to zero once other numbers have been input

I've included a screenshot below.

This happened when I entered non-zero numbers in the coordinate fields and then returned them to zero. The top line stated "Move and Right Click at (,)." It should have returned to (0,0) when I re-input zeros, but it did not.

MacBook Air late 2013
OSX 10.11.6
Keyboard Maestro 7.3.1

I am unable to reproduce the behavior you show.


  1. Select another Action, and then reselect this Action
  2. Select another Macro, and then reselect this Macro
  3. Quit/Restart the KM Editor app
  4. If all else fails, restart your Mac.

I would guess you have managed to get some sort of invisible character in there.

Try Select All, “0”.

It’s completely reproducible in my environment. Here’s the procedure:

Enter a two-digit number in the X-position field.
Enter a two-digit number in the Y-position field.
Click on the X-position field.
Ctrl-A to select the contents.
Press delete key.
Type 0
Click on the Y-position field.
Ctrl-A to select the contents.
Press delete key.
Type 0

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I can duplicate that. Thanks. I will add it to the fix list.

OK—glad to be of some use. I’m just getting acquainted with the program, and am pretty happy with what I’ve learnt so far, although it looks like I’ll have to brush up on my scripting skills to take full advantage of what it seems capable of doing.

Well, no and yes. :slight_smile: There's tons of things you can do without scripting. The reason you see a lot of posts here about scripting, is because people are trying to do unusual things.

With that said, if you've managed to find a bug like this one right away (there just aren't many bugs to find), you may be one of those "special" people who end up going straight for the complex things. :wink:

Fixed for the next version. Thanks.