Click at Found Image not working Reliably

Upload Drivers License Macro (v9.0.6)

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Upload Drivers License Macro (v9.0.6)

I'm not sure exactly what is going on here, but I'm trying to make a macro to help me with testing a website. Here is a test job I had created. If you click on Upload Drivers License you can see the button I'm trying to click.

When I test the Click at Found Image action using the Go button, it will find the browse button every time. However, when I try to run the macro, it can't seem to find it. I don't have any prompts covering the button, chrome is at the front of the screen, I've tried playing with the fuzzy factor as well as switching from unique to best. I've also tried resetting my security settings. The weirdest thing is that Click at Found Image works in all of my other macros, just issues with this one where it won't work every time. Also this seems to work, but only if I run the macro a few times in quick succession, the 2nd or 3rd time it will find the button.

Obviously it would be awesome if someone could figure out how to click this button another way, but at the same time I'm just really confused as to why I can't get this one to work reliably.

Hi @RyanThomas, please change in your macro here (red arrow) Unique to Best:

In the upper part of the macro you have made the right choice. Then try it again.

The issue I'm actually having is with the very first Click at Found Image command, which is already set at best. That one you pulled out is one that actually works every time.

Also, how did you make that red arrow so nicely?

try adding
a 1-2s pause before the find image, or
add a 'Pause Until - Found image' condition before the find image

That was it....I'm guessing because I was calling the macro using a macro pallette that it wasn't able to find it? Not exactly sure, but that definitely did the trick. Thank you.


@RyanThomas I create the screenshot and the arrow with the software Snagit.

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glad that worked.

OT appleianer is the master of software