Click Button when Chrome Window Pops Up

I haven't worked much with window title / window name triggers but wanted to see if there was a way to select the button "Yes. It's me" when this window pops up.

Backstory: My company just started using Okta as a ID provider and it requires us to use some form or 2FA to login. The Okta Verify app seems to be the smoothest and when I login with a password in chrome it displays this prompt in a separate chrome window.

I know how to create a macro to click the button itself but not sure if i can trigger it when this window appears.

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You might be able to use something like the trigger:Focused Window [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]
as your macro trigger. This means that your macro will run every single time a different window is focused on your Mac. You can then check to see if the window is focused that you want to target and continue, otherwise abort.

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Hey Brian,

I so often find automatic macros to be intrusive or otherwise problematic that I have to be very certain I need one in order to implement it.

For this sort of task I'd much rather use a hotkey trigger and manually activate the macro.

โŒƒL or โ‡งโŒƒโŒฅโŒ˜L

I would make it page-specific, so I could use the hotkey with other pages as well.



Perhaps take it back a step? Manually trigger (as @ccstone suggests) a macro that does the login in Chrome and then does the Okta verify for you?

That would save you from having a focused trigger run on every Chrome focus change and reduce the initial login to an hotkey trigger -- win!


I wasn't crazy about something always running and looking for a window, page specific hot key seems like a good idea. I've done a lot of app specific hey keys but never page specific this is a great tip

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