Click & Drag not working in ProTools 11


Is there anyone using KM in ProTools 11? I’m trying to create a Click and Drag Macro to move Clips into new playlists, but for some reason the Click & Drag does not grab the Clip. It selects, and moves to the correct location but it fails to hold on to the clip and move it. This same Macro works fine in other Apps or the Finder. Any help would be appreciated.



Same problem. Would love help.

  • Click and Hold at whatever location you choose
  • Repeat Actions n Times:
    • Move Mouse to (x, y) relative to the current mouse location
  • Release Mouse Button

For me, n = 10 and x = -50 works fine (I'm using 0 for y as I personally didn't need to move vertically, and I happen to be moving the mouse to the left), and I have tiny pauses in between the major actions (but not inside the "repeat"). If n is too low and x is too high, the mouse skips around too fast and PT doesn't seem to think you're dragging anymore (that is why I don't use "Click and Drag"). Higher values for n and lower values for x are fine, but will just get you there slower.

I'm using KM to drag a file in via Finder, but should be a similar application for you.