Click & Drag stopped working in Mind Node

I've used a macro for years that did a click & drag in Mind Node. Today, they upgraded the app, and click and drag no longer works. The macro will move the mouse, but it no longer drags the nodes to a new position.

I tried recording a new macro just with a click and drag to move nodes, and the pointer moves, but not the nodes.

When I contact the developer about this, where should they look to fix the problem? Accessibility?

For starters, post the macro here. Maybe we can solve the problem.

To export a macro select the macro in KM Editor, go to File > Export Macros; post the exported .kmmacros file on the forum. Ideally accompanied by a screenshot of the core parts of the macro.

BTW, did you notice that Mind Node is scriptable (AppleScript)? I didn’t know either.

So, there are chances that you do not need a mouse-clicking-dragging macro to accomplish your task.

Screenshot of Mind Node’s AS dictionary (with the “move” command):

Thanks, Tom.

You're right, I was able to find a workaround that doesn't require a mouse drag.

I was hoping Peter would know the kinds of changes that would stop KM mouse-drags from working, so I could tell the MN developers.

Scripts/macros that rely on GUI actions (that is, doing actions like clicking, pressing buttons, and so on) are always very fragile.

With any minor change of the app it is likely that you”ll have to adapt your GUI macro. That’s the nature of the thing.

That’s why it is always a better idea to go one level deeper and talk to the program via any available API, if available of course. In case of Mind Node you can use the AppleScript API it offers.

On a first attempt, and if you have no clue of AppleScript, this may appear complicated and like much work for achieving the same you can achieve by simulating mouse clicks. But, the advantage is that it will continue to work, even when the dev of the app changes some GUI things.