Click Found Image No Longer Working

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I hope you can help.

All of my "Click at found image" actions no longer working. I've tested this with different apps as I understand Chrome can cause issues.

I have the Sonoma 14.1.2 (23B92) running KBM Version 11.0.2. My monitor resolution is 2560x1440.

I believe this is a bug, but I'd be interested to understand if anyone else is experiencing this.



My macro with this function still works fine.
It sounds like KM might not have the necessary right to record your screen. Maybe try the good old toggle-off-and-on-again dance in system setting > Privacy.
Or, if you're using files as reference, as I do, you maybe accidentally moved or deleted them?
I also had problems in the past whith high resolution images. I have to use downscaled images to @1x for this action to work, even though my screens are @2x.

When you mentioned your monitor resolution, that made me wonder if your monitor has changed, or if you even upgraded your Mac hardware? Or maybe you changed your screen resolution with this feature:

If you did any of these things, that could cause your problem. The Find Image action (and conditions) are extremely susceptible to these things.

Verify that Keyboard Maestro can see the screen by using the Screen Capture action to capture some screen area and verify that is valid.

Use the Display option in the action to see what Keyboard Maestro is matching.

If you change resolutions, then the images will no longer match and will have to be recreated.

Also note that there appears to be a bug in some systems that result in the macOS screen capture on a retina screen giving an image that claims to be 72dpi when it should be 144dpi, which will result in the match failing because the source image size is effectively twice too big. Keyboard Maestro’s Set Image DPI action can correct the dpi of the image.

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That's wonderful. I never knew that.

Hi Peter,

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Thanks so much this has resolved the issue. I have been using clear shot screen capture software to make my screen grabs. It saves images at 72 dpi. I have just updated my main monitor to a 4k screen so that must have thrown it too. Luckily Clear shot also has a menu to scale retina screen shots to 1x which I've enabled now and KBM can now find the image.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed.

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