Click Google Chrome Link Using Xpath

I'm trying to click on a div element using xpath using the action "Click google chrome link" but it is not working.

Do the action "Click google chrome link" work on link element only or any web element?

Did you try using this?

Make sure you read the last few posts at the bottom of the thread. :wink:

In addition to using Click_Browser_Link action, I also found watching @JMichaelTX’s youtube video helpful as a newb. You may know that information already, but in case this is my big chance to be helpful rather than be helped - it’s here.

The video is pre-KM8 so the macro is no longer needed, it’s built in, unless I’m misunderstanding something and someone will surely correct me if I’m wrong (and I mean that in a good way!).

I tried using selenium and it's working fine.

Here is what I'm trying to do:
When I am at this page: and click on play button I see an option like this:

I'm trying to click on the arrow pointed button using the xpath:

It's working using selenium but not with keyboard maestro.